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The Business Website Building Course for Non-Techies

Updated for 2019

The Business Website Building Course is for you if you’re starting a new business, aren’t too technical and want to be shown how to build your own website that’s both attractive and client converting in the simplest and easiest way. You will have a professional website you built (without sweat, swearing, tears or having to learn coding) for a fraction of what you would pay a web designer to build that attracts the right kinds of clients, buy from you again and again. Each of the 10 modules is delivered through a series of short 5-10 minute videos where you literally sit on my shoulder watching me explain what I do so that you can pause and repeat what I’ve done. With each module are links to my favourite resources and cheat sheets which makes the process of building your website even simpler and quicker. And you’ll have access to my Private Facebook Group, Vee’s Web Builders Group, where you can ask questions at any time and get my answers and guidance. PLUS you get all my insider pro-tips and best practice that, up to now, only my web clients have had access to.

The Modules

In this 10-part course you will learn


1. Planning Your Website

Before we start building anything, we will get up to speed on the latest and best practice of what works today online. We’ll cover the website anatomy and tech terms that are good to know and you’ll be able to tell instantly whether a website is good or bad. You’ll also plan yours with the help of my templates.

2. Domains & Hosting

What they are, the difference between the two, the must-have features to look for when choosing (hint – it’s not about the cheapest), and what you need to know about SSL! Don’t buy your domain or hosting without doing this module first. I’ll tell you what else to look for and if you follow my recommendation, you could have a domain name for free!

3. Installing a Blank Website

Without Coding! Hint, we’re using WordPress which is free forever and really easy to use once you know how. NEW: I’ll also show you how to get SSL, (you know, that padlock symbol in the address bar that google favours over sites that don’t have SSL).

4. Branding Your Website

I’ll show you how to turn your blank website into your brand – no coding knowledge required – shhh, don’t tell web designers about this because it’s ridiculously easy and they’ll hate me for revealing how easy it is.

5. Adding Content

How to add words, images and videos, what pages to have and what each page must have to make sure you get visitors staying and wanting more. I’ll also show you how to quickly check what your pages look like on mobile and tablet and what to do if they don’t quite look right.

6. SEO

SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimisation' – I’ll show you how to optimise your website to give you the best chance of ranking on the first page of search engines. I’ll also tell you what NOT to do so that you don’t irretrievably damage your ranking.


7 Security

Very easy steps to keep your site safe from hackers, spammers and skimmers. I also show you how to manually back-up your site and apply updates to keep your site up to date.

8. Sales & Enquiries

How to create forms and making them enticing as well as GDPR compliant. This module also includes privacy policies and cookies (those pop up boxes that check you're happy to have cookies)

9. Analytics

You need to track what’s working (and what’s not) and you do that with Google Analytics. This module shows you how to install tracking code and then how to make sense of Google Analytics.

10. Repeat Customers

How to nurture interested's to be customers and how to get customers to buy again and again - hint this is utilising email marketing in a very elegant way.